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Dave Lowe’s World Worsts

daveloweName Dave Lowe
Who? Travel writer, columnist and the Globetrekker Guru. He has written for Expedia, Pilot Guides and Time Out. Author of Sandwiches should NEVER Taste Like Cow Crap. Now working on his second travelogue, There’s a Cockroach On My Pillow. Dave blogs at theloweroad.com.
Age 36
Countries Visited About 75

Titanic Nominations
1. Worst Flight Delay Gulf Air engine problems in Bangkok. The delay was too much for one passenger – she was arrested after throwing a chair through a window.
2. Worst Flight Riau Airlines. Right after take off cockroaches began to emerge from air vents and scurried along the ceiling as if competing in a Formula 1 race.
3. Worst Travel Mate Jackie. An Australian girl who latched onto my trip like a needy motor-mouthed vampire. Managed to ditch her in Phnom Penh but ran into her on a bus to Vietnam
4. Worst Toilet A village in the Baliem Valley. It wasn’t so much the smell as the fact villagers came en masse to watch foreigners use the ‘facilities.’
5. Worst Cultural Misunderstanding Mispronounce ‘papaya’ in Vietnamese – you’ve said the F word. At Hanoi’s central market a quick exit saved me from a near riot that ensued after insulting a fruit vendor
6. Worst Airline Biman Bangladesh. A ceiling panel fell down on take off and the in-flight entertainment was my seatmate tearing off the ends of his toenails

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