How a St. Louis SEO Expert Grew His Business by 385%

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Hey guys,

So to start our website off with a bang, I brought in nationally recognized SEO consultant Nathan Gotch to discuss how you he grew his St Louis SEO business by 385% in one year.

Thanks for having me on guys. I’m super excited to share some tips on how I grew my business so quickly and explosively. I’m going to be honest, it’s probably not going to glamorous or “cool” how I did it. I just focused on my strengths and focused on quality over quantity. A little background on my business: I am the CEO and founder of Gotch SEO, which is the leading St Louis SEO. I founded the company in September 2013 and it is set to clear half a million dollars in 2015.

Strategy #1: High Value Content

I’m not anything close to a “white hat” guru, but I understand the value of content that actually solves problems and provides actionable insights. With that being said, I focused my efforts on creating the absolute best quality content for blog upfront. Within a year of producing crazy long and in-depth resources, I actually started to see the fruits of my labor.

My blog is now considered one of the top SEO blogs in the country and I get a ton of leads directly from someone reading my content.

Creating content on your blog or elsewhere is only successful if you truly have the intentions of helping people. If you succeed to providing value to your readers, you will slowly, but surely become an authority within your industry.

Authority status = more money

But as you probably know, content alone isn’t enough to produce substantial results.

That’s when my specialty comes in: SEO.

Strategy #2: SEO

Before launching my business, I knew I had to be one of the absolute best SEOs in the country because I wanted to provide the absolute best value for any client I brought on. That’s why for nearly 3 years, I only focused on how to rank websites. After insane amounts of testing and hours, I developed a system for ranking that I believed would work in almost any industry.

That was the stage when I knew I could start offering my services to businesses that were looking to generate more leads online through the search engines. I first focused on dominating a city like St. Louis and than went to rank for “Kansas city seo” and other cites like Chicago and Atlanta. It’s always best to start niche and then expand out instead of trying to dominate an entire area first.

I’m not going to get in-depth into the specifics of SEO, but all I can say is master your craft BEFORE attempting to offer it as a service. This will ensure that your clients give you the absolute best lifetime value (LTV) possible. I would rather have a client pay me thousands for a decade than thousands for only a few months.

Strategy #3: Become a Better Salesman

Prior to starting my business, I had absolutely ZERO sales training. I graduated college with a political science degree and had never sold anything in life. So, knowing this, I immersed myself in learning sales and conversions. Getting traffic to your site through any vehicle such as SEO or social is great, but converting at the highest levels is what really matters.

It’s like some famous investors say: “It’s not how money you make, it’s how money you keep”. That same rule applies to your targeted traffic: “It’s not how much traffic you get, it’s how much traffic you convert”.

Moral of the story: try to get the absolute most out of every single visitor that get onto your site.

There are a ton of other details I could get into, but take this brief knowledge and just start taking action. Taking action is the key to success in anything in life and that’s how I learned, and continue to learn.

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