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Unlucky Traveler: Malaria in GhanaNominee

August 12th, 2010 by Doug Lansky

The World’s Unluckiest Traveler is a competition run by Travel Guard (with loads of prizes). They have the people power to sort through the piles of travel nightmares and have selected a number of winners. Titanic Awards is unable to verify these tales. But here’s one to enjoy…

This traveler was subjected to a long and exhausting series of mishaps traveling through Ghana: After 2 days on a river barge, a canoe and bus, he missed his final bus connection so he joined similarly stranded travelers who pooled their resources to hire a local van.  Two hours into the journey, the van got a flat and there was no spare.  The group was left to spend the night in the local village where the chief invited them to his stay in his hut. But it was too small for this group of Westerners, so some were left to sleep outside with the goats, chickens and mosquitoes. This Unlucky Traveler suffered upwards of 100 mosquito bites with at least one of them infecting the traveler with malaria.

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