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Serbia goes after tourists using…. cooked testicles!Nominee

August 17th, 2010 by Doug Lansky

Swiss chocolate, Scottish whisky and Serbian… baked Ostrich scrotum, fried kangaroo testicles, barbecued reindeer balls.   Local tourism officials are hoping for a home run.  “The importance of a recognizable brand to sell a region cannot be underestimated,” said festival organizer Ivo Mokovich. “Look at how many people go to Scotland because of the whisky or how many people know Switzerland because of their cheese and chocolate. We are now hoping that the many famous and varied dishes that we have created in the region will become world-famous.’”  (Hmmm, good luck!)

Variety seems to be the key. The Testicle Cooking World Championship in Ozrem will feature testicles of animals including bull, wild boar, horse, shark, ostrich, kangaroo, donkey, turkey, goat, reindeer and elk.  Talk about kick-starting your appetite!  Don’t miss the big event on Aug 27.

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