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Jet Blue flight attendent gets ignored, hit in head, yelled at and becomes folk hero for running from plane [Editorial]Nominee

August 10th, 2010 by Doug Lansky

Gotta love the turn of events.  Perhaps we didn’t envision it as dramatically as Steven Slater’s getaway down the emergency slide, but with all the abuse that flight attendants take from strung-out passengers, it was just a matter of time before one of them snapped. What better way to follow a dramatic reaction than with another overly dramatic reaction — arresting the Jet Blue employee and charging him with crimes that could amount to seven years in prison. This, naturally, kicked off a viral online reaction with a dedicated Facebook page and many calling for his release.

EDITORIAL: What’s Jet Blue to do? Stand by their man, naturally. Drop the charges, let Steven keep the beer, give him some time off with pay, blacklist that asshole passenger from flying Jet Blue again, and give everyone else on that flight a free round trip ticket or two for their troubles.  The cost?  If they play this right, it will easily be worth the positive PR>

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