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Family on camping trip gets pulled over and cuffed — yet another case of excessive police force [EDITORIAL]Nominee

August 21st, 2010 by Doug Lansky

Titanic Editorial: You can easily forgive the police for a case of mistaken identity when they pulled over a white mini van that had plates that matched a stolen vehicle, but once the family started emerging from the van, it seemed pretty obvious (even from the helicopter camera far above) that this was not a bunch of crazy thieves that need to be spread out in a prone position on the highway with their hands cuffed. Whatever happened to chatting with the driver for a few minutes, letting him produce some papers.  It certainly seemed that with no less than 5 police vehicles and a helicopter, there was enough security around to walk up to the window and ask for a driver’s license and registration. This just seems to be part of an emerging body of video footage that includes a lot of pointless tasering and rough treatment by police. Clearly, America has a serious civility issue within segments of the police force.

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