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Titanic Talk on “This Week in Travel”Nominee

August 5th, 2010 by Doug Lansky

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Gary Arndt’s World Worsts

July 9th, 2009 by Doug Lansky

gary arndt

Name Gary Arndt
Who? A software
entrepreneur from Minnesota who has been traveling the world since 2007 and documenting just about every minute of it with videos, photos, blog postings, podcasts  and tweets. His global journey now has an enormous global following. More at
Age 39
Countries Visited 50-70 depending on how you define it

Titanic Nominations
1.    Worst Bus Ride A trip to Suez in Egypt. The bus was in decrepit condition. The seats weren’t attached so you’d slide every time the bus turned or stopped.
2.    Worst Toilet Probably the worst I’ve seen was at a bus stop in Indonesia — water and feces splashed about everywhere. There was also a remarkably nasty one at a bus stop in Vietnam. The ammonia smell was so strong it was hard to breathe and pee at the same time.
3.    Worst Car Ride After landing on the remote island of Renell (Solomon Islands) I made the 20-mile trip to the east end of the island where I was staying.  The road was unpaved and made of sharp raised coral. Our small pickup truck had EIGHT flat tires, so those 20 miles took 10 hours. The amazing thing was they managed to repair each and every flat tire without spares or tubes. By the time we got to the lodge, the inner tube looked more like a pin cushion than circle because of all the crimping.
4.    Worst Meal Pisa, Italy. I got soggy fries and boiled chicken and two soft drinks. The total was €27. The cost plus the quality set a record for meal suckatude.
5.    Worst Souvenir Embarrassing as it is, I have to confess to having fallen for the perfume scam in Cairo. A guy meets you, sounds friendly, speaks English, walks and talks with you for over an hour and in the end takes you to his “cousin’s” perfume shop. I sheepishly bought a minimal amount, left, and never trusted anyone who initiated a conversation with me in Egypt again.

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