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Chris Guillebeau’s World Worsts

Chris Guillebeau
Name Chris Guillebeau
Who? Writes for The Oregonian, The Huffington Post, and Anderson Cooper’s 360 site. His book, The Art of Non-Conformity, will be published by Perigee in September 2010. Check out his popular blog here.
Age 32
Countries Visited 129
Titanic Nominations
1. Worst Cliché Found in Travel Writing “I was tired/unhappy/miserable but then I found x and it was all worth it” — and I have to admit I use this one too.
2. Worst Airport Lagos is pretty bad. When I was there I ran into dozens of touts in the arrivals area who hassled incoming passengers in a fairly intimidating manner. The next day I was with a Nigerian friend, and he said “Yeah, the airport used to be bad until they cleared out most of the touts.”
3. Worst City for Driving Probably Dubai. I kept getting lost, backtracking, double-parking, etc. On the other hand, I actually enjoy driving in much of Africa because there are no traffic rules, only traffic guidelines.
4. Worst Car Rental The same one in Dubai. It had an annoying, constant beep that played whenever you went over 50kph. I was driving throughout the whole Emirates, which includes a lot of wide open spaces. I listened that that beep for six hours a day.
5. Most Overrated Museum I tend to think most museums are overrated. But I do remember one particular tour that stands out: on Dominica, the guide spend most of his time talking about the new KFC and the two competing island cell phone carriers.
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