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Rob Tallia’s World Worsts


Name Rob Tallia
Who? Managing Editor, Not For Tourists Guides. Just selected as The Guardian’s blog of the month.   More at http://www.notfortourists.com

Age 42
Countries Visited 12 (pathetic, I know, but we do city guides mostly…)

Titanic Nominations
1. Worst Italian Food Olive Garden, Amarillo, Texas. The Alfredo sauce tasted strongly of licorice. My wife’s still getting shit for picking that one.
2. Worst Subway Station Chinatown F train stop, New York. Naturally it’s the one closest to NFT offices.  Rats, long rust stains on the walls, smells like urine.
3. Worst Map Tile #701 of the Thomas Brothers’ Street Atlas of Los Angeles County, 2002 Edition. How not to make maps in one easy step.
4. Worst Cab Experience Happens at least once a year; shithead NYC cab drivers who refuse to take you to Brooklyn. Even though THEY probably f***ing live there.
5. Worst Travel Editing Experience The morning that rats fell through the bathroom ceiling; fortunately, the door was closed so they were dead by the time we opened it Monday morning.

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