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Daniel Hoffer’s World Worsts


Name Daniel Hoffer
Who? One of the co-founders of Couchsurfing. He’s also Couchsurfing’s current Chairman and COO.  His other full-time job is
Group Product Manager for the Symantec Corporation.  Want to know more about how Couchsurfing started?  Here’s an interview with Daniel at Harvard.
Age 31
Countries Visited 28

Titanic Nominations
1. Worst Toilet On a ferry in Borneo. It was a hole in the floor leading to the river. And the boat was rocking.
2. Worst Stay A motel for truckers in Arizona. The bed bugs were visible.
3. Worst Meal Unidentifiable “delicacy” in the hills of Sicily.  I believe it was something ham related.
4. Worst Flight Chicago to San Diego. Was barely able to breath due to the size of the person next to me.
5. Worst Overland Segment A bus ride on the island of Java. I sat on the roof and was hit in the eye with a low-hanging electrical cable.

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