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Christopher Elliott’s World Worsts


Name Christopher Elliott
Who? National Geographic Traveler’s ombudsman and nationally syndicated travel columnist. Probably the best person in America to contact when you get ripped off by anyone in the travel industry. For updated insider info, check out his practical, regularly updated blog.
Age 41
Countries Visited
About 50

Titanic Nominations

1. Worst Pizza Anything made by a chain restaurant. The cardboard it comes in tastes better, and it’s probably more nutritious.
2. Worst Toilet There was this outhouse in the French Alps. It was the summer of 1988. I decided to go outside because I was afraid I might pass out. Fortunately, only the cows could see my indiscretion

3. Worst First-World Airport Newark.
4. Worst Visa Queue Heathrow.
5. Worst Drivers Have you ever been to South Florida? That stretch of I-95 between Palm Beach and Miami is some of the most dangerous highway in America. Seriously. I wouldn’t want to be driving on it after dark. Makes the Daytona 500 look like driving school.

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